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Sleeping set


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This sleeping set contains all natural products to help you sleep better wherever you are. Each item has been carefully designed for relaxation and peace of mind.

Lavender patch is the partner of the pillow. It makes us sleep better. It is 100% filled with dried lavender, with soothing and relaxing properties. Put it under the pillow, it will aid your peaceful sleep and relaxation.


Our natural cotton slippers are an indispensable home accessory. The upper material is comfortable and soft to the touch, and the tread material is coconut fibre, while the sole is waterproof, protecting the wearer from wet surfaces. Slippers are packaged in a cotton bag that is closed with the pull of a string.

Materials:cotton, coconut fiber

Eyeshade could retouch our sleep to be perfect and let us have a good rest if we need break such as on the airplane or train, etc. our eye masks is 100% made by cotton and totally lightproof , it can help you to have a nice sleep and wonderful journey.



Sleep – a vital necessity of life – and quality of life are intrinsically related. By providing natural high-quality sleep products, COCO-MAT lays the groundwork for a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep from which its customers will wake refreshed and ready to face the challenges of life.

During the 24 years of operation, COCO-MAT always focuses on natural materials and high-quality products, we use environmental-friendly materials to manufacture such as coconut fiber, natural rubber, seaweed, horse hair, etc. COCO-MAT’s mission is to improve people’s quality of life, is to spreads the ‘sleep on nature’ philosophy all over the world.