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Paint Without a Brush


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PWB is suitable to all water media. Water Color was the initial media that was used for indirect painting technique. It’s also fun to play with; its colors are a bit less bright than acrylic but the effect is also interesting.

PWB Starter Painting Kit includes:

  • PWB special and genuine painting mixte
  • 5 canvases, 3 19X19m et 2 19X31cm
  • PWB Spray Bottle
  • Two secrets tools to paint without a brush, with instructions

You can play with water color paint both on a canvas and on paper, though we much prefer canvas for its beginner friendly characteristics: water color dries fast on canvas, and it is possible to wash out everything with clean water and a toothbrush if you are not happy with what you did.


Stefanie Vallee created from A to Z this product based on her 25 years of experience as a water colorist, as a white water kayakist and as a coach. She is sharing all of her secret tools to paint without using a brush but mostly, it’s meant to tap into your creativity, whether you think you are or not creative. As a matter of fact, most of her clients are not artist, they are people who have pushed aside their creativity for years, having to raise a family or earn a living. Now, time has come to reconnect with that power within and good news, it only takes 30 minutes of your time.

We’ve had a great customers review from Lucy (Min) Lei, VP Greater China, Supply Chain Solution for Li&Fung Logistics, President at Expat Professional Women’s Society: 

story-1.jpg ‘I can see how this painting technique can help managers like me to better work with our team. It made me realized that we cannot control people, as we cannot control water, we must partner with it.’ Lucy describes herself as an ‘absolutely non-creative person’ and have a look at what she did in only 30 minutes.