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My incredible self


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Melka Rivé Miao, n°3 Lane 162 Jiang Su road
200050 Shanghai, China

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This amazing painting by a 7 year old girl won the first price of a 2006 Shanghai City Art competition.



On a large colorful paper lays the objet in violent red with light yellow-orange’s background, the sheet is largely divided into three parts, the upper part is occupied by the head in a sober tone, while the central part represent the character’s body and the bottom part with a dozen of limbs gives the impression of a millipede walking among the snails.

The head has three mouths, the hair ends in volutes flowers, and the nose is inserted by the small ears. The gaze is deep. The intermediate part separated by three body which shared the same head performs as three big triangles, each body has a individual heart. On the left, a yellow heart overlooks a bubble filled with lists of numbers, the one in the center is in dark red with the bubble of music scores, then the third one is in black and its bubble contains some words. The bottom of the painting covers some snails with their house on the back telling us probably the story of this little girl travel between the two cultures. Maybe she did herself a portrait. This work is so alive, joyful and spontaneous; it might give us a different perspective on the world.

Artist: Little Emilie, who wants to learn, to understand and to find out all about this world, is full of creation which interests her; every day she spends several hours to drawing. The only gift that pleased her is the drawing paper.

With a Chinese dad and a French mom, Emilie grows up in a multicultural world.

When entered in the traditional Chinese school at her age of 7 years old, she accomplished a surprising, fantastic and mature painting “神奇的我” which won the first prize in a competition organized by the city of Shanghai in 2006.