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Mulberry Traditional Miao Paper


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411 wu kang road, shanghai, China

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Made from paper mulberry, a kind of tree growing over mountains and plains, it can be used for packing, printing, gift-case using, postcard, photo album, light-fixer, etc.

Landiao, the mountain breeze, is more than a shop of precious craftsmanship from China millenary heritage, it is a cultural experience that you can touch, smell, taste and feel with all your

Every product hand-picked by Lan Lan, founder of Landiao, is of the best quality. The products have the potential to convert into valuable antiques with the pass of the years. The quantity produced is limited and depends on the time the craftsmen can dedicate to their passion of reaching perfect objects.


Invented more than 1900 years ago by CaiLun. He uses the bark, hemp to make fine paper to replaces the heavy bamboo slip. He became one of the four great inventions of ancient China.

Scientists Song Yingxing in Ming dynasty more than 370 years ago, in his book characterized by open content, illustrated CaiLun paper making detailing each process and appliance. Today, the xiaotun village papermaking process and equipments are exactly the same.

5,000 years ago, Miao people lived in the reaches of Changjiang River and Yellow River. Today half of the Miao people live in Guizhou. They lost their writing characters during that period, so they have to pass down the culture through songs, oral-ways, clothes-needlework and silver decorations.